Instagram Tagger

This program can automatically upload posts to Instagram, where it would tag people in the picture and mention them in the description of the picture; you can also leave some tags in the description for even more views.

Why is this advertising method so good that we made a program for it?

You can create hundreds of accounts, and if you set the program to upload ten pictures a day and tag ten people and write ten tags in the description with each one, you would have a huge advertisement.

100 Accounts x 10 Posts a Day x 10 Tagged People Per post = 10,000 People Notified a Day (+ Many more from Tags)(+ Many more from people who go to the tagged field on those people’s profiles!)

Software in Action

How To Use



This is the number of browsers you want to use.

Number of Posts to make per account

Choose amount of posts you want the software to post per each account.

Number of Tags per post

How many people to tag per post.

Use fingerprint apikey

You can choose if you want to use the fingerprint api key or not.

Use proxy

If you want to use proxy to login into accounts or not. apikey

If you want to use api key.

Accounts list

List of accounts to use.

If you wish to log in manually

If you wish to log in manually instead of software logging in itself.

Delay between posts in minutes

How much time to pass before posting another post.

Select the images to use

Select which image/s you want software to use.

Accounts to tag

You can tag people the the post caption area of the post, or in the image itself, oar a combination of both.

Any many more+

There are several other features/functions.