How to store Database Passwords in encrypted format in Softaculous

How to store Database Passwords in encrypted format

This tutorial will show you how to use Softaculous to store database passwords in encrypted format.

Note: For all password encryption, a common salt is used, which is stored in the universal.php file on your server. The salt is required to decrypt the password, and if it is manually changed/removed from universal.php, all database password decryption for all server installations will fail.

Note that this setting will not update the database passwords of existing installations; it will only apply to new installations created after this setting is enabled. The database passwords for existing installations will continue to work unencrypted, and your installation/upgrades will not be affected.

Please do not delete the universal.php file or update the salt manually. universal.php is located at :


Login to Control Panel

Go to your Admin panel (e.g. WHM’s url will be and login with your root details. 
Navigate through WHM -> Plugins -> Softaculous Admin panel -> Settings
This will lead you to the Settings page in Softaculous Admin Panel.

Enable the Setting

  • Search for the Store Database Password in encrypted format setting. 
  • Select the checkbox next to the above setting.
  • Click on the “Edit Settings” button.
  • That’s it! All the database passwords generated from now will be stored in encrypted format.