How to use Softaculous to install a script

With a few minor exceptions, all Softaculous scripts install in the same way.

1.First, find the script you want to install by scrolling down the list on the left.
2.For tutorial purpose we will chose Textpattern.

This page gives you an overview of the software, including a description and user rating average. Simply select another script if this one does not meet your requirements.

3.Go to the Features tab.

A complete list of the features of this software can be found here.

4.To try a demo of this software before installing it, go to this tab.
5.Click Ratings.

This page displays the total number of ratings as well as the average rating for this software.

6.Go to Reviews.

User reviews for this script can be found here.

After you’ve tried the software, there’s a form at the bottom of the page that you can fill out to leave your own review.

7.Click Import.

If you already have this software installed manually or through another auto installer, you can import it into Softaculous for management.

8.When you are ready, go to Install.

The options on this page should be similar for all Softaculous scripts, and the defaults should be enough in most cases.

9.If you have multiple domains, choose which one you want to install this script on.
10.The next two boxes allow you to name the directory and database that will be created when the program is installed.
11.You can set the Site Name and Description here. These can be changed later from the admin panel of the software.
12.Fill in the admin password and email address. Also, provide a Real Name that will be displayed, as well as the administrator’s email address.
13.Click Install
14.The software will be downloaded and installed in a few moments.
You can access your new site and its admin panel using the two links provided here.

That concludes the procedure. You’ve learned how to use Softaculous to install a script.