Gift 1

Whether you bought my book on freelancing or my book on creating a cash cow youtube channel, these Canva templates might be helpful. These are the templates I used for my videos and social media.

Top 10 Scaz’s Main Template

A Very Cool Shorts/Reels Template

For those of you who make youtube videos, you can use these templates to make great videos, and those of you who bought the freelance book can use them for your customers.”

Gift 2

I have created 2 new books showing ways you can make money with affiliate marketing by promoting my books. But of course, you can use the methods I have shown in these two books elsewhere, you don’t have to use them 100% for my affiliate program.

Book 1

Book 2

This was the previous email, after this email, I will create an archive of old emails on my website that all my customers will be able to access through their invoice IDs! So I don’t have to fill emails with old gifts anymore! Apologies to all old customers for having to scroll through email, but here’s the main dish!

Big Gift – Instagram Tagger Software created by my Developer Team

This is a program that made me thousands of dollars per month by spamming Instagram, since I stopped using it I decided to give it to you, my customers, before I give it to anyone else!

What this program is for:

This program can automatically upload posts to Instagram, where it would tag people in the picture and mention them in the description of the picture; you can also leave some tags in the description for even more views.

Software in Action Video

How To Use Video


Update 1

I started making some programs and writing my main book, which will also be my last book this year. All in all, everything is going well according to my plans. A lot of you haven’t left reviews on the BlackHatWorld forum and it would mean a lot to me if you could leave your reviews for the books, which you can do by clicking the link below, and know that i appreciate every single one of you:

Automatic Cash Cow

AutoPilot Freelancing

6 Months Old Experiment – How I Made 10k$ in 6 Months while spending only around 60 hours on it (That’s almost 200$/Per Hour salary)

All of you who have bought AutoPilot Freelancing, you know that the last method is to build websites, that’s exactly one of the methods that brought me huge money. For this experiment I used a Fiverr account that I had not used for 2 years and created gigs, I researched the type of sites with high demand and little competition, and after finding them I created gigs with a better description, title, and prices than all the competition that was already doing that kind sites, after the first order I backed up the site so each subsequent order took me literally 1-2 hours to do, I literally install the server, share some files and back up WordPress. After that I did gigs on similar sites like Fiverr which I showed you in the book to get more customers, after a while I raised my prices so that now I charge $300-$400 per site. The picture below is just some of the 20 or so orders I had and only on Fiverr while I was doing this experiment, this is just to show you how easy it is to make money, you just have to find a small opening in the market demand. If you want to start selling more and more, start learning to speak and write English like a native speaker, and also start learning about Copy Writing, Sales, and human psychology. All this will help you a lot to make negotiations so that every order will order you more than they want, as you can see in the screenshot below almost every order was a custom order for even more cash. 

Gift 3

Since I’m working on an update of the Automatic Cash Cow book that will have 35-50 pages for YouTube shorts I wanted to give you this template I’ve been working on, and in the near future you’ll get a tutorial on how to make 3D videos in seconds like the images from the template.


Thos of you doing YouTube/Instagram/TikTok this is a template of highest quality and can help you get really viral videos, those of you doing Freelancing can use this template and offer Reel/Shorts creation services as with this template you will need 15-20 minutes to create highest quality Reels/Shorts that you can charge 10-50$ for. 

The new update of the book will contain tutorials on how to create such templates, how to download the perfect music for them easily and how to make those 3d images and where to find them. Not sure when the book update will come out as i am working on the main and last book that i am writing right now but it should be in less than 2 months. There are also some other methods that i found on growing youtube channels via Instagram/TikTok/YouTube shorts that i will put in the book, methods that can probably get you 100,000+ views in less than a week of posting your video all organically.

Story Method – How i Made 2,000 – 5,000$ a month while almost doing nothing a year ago

So most of you know how on BlackHatWorld forum and on Internet in general people are selling press releases for 50-100$ per press release, well those press releases usually cost only 5-15$ per one for them depending on the websites where they post. So what i did year ago was i used GSA Website Contact to fill up tens of thousands of contact forms on websites every single day and get several clients from it. I would tell them in the mail about how usefull for SEO press releases are and how i can get them at cheapest rates, alongside that i’d tell them most popular websites their press release would be posted on like Benzinga or FOX. This method is great for those of you who already know how to do press release, while in the book that i am writing about passive income there will be even better ways to advertise press release selling. You can also hire someone to run GSA for you and talk with customers while you’d just copy paste the articles.

Gift 4

For those of you already doing Reels/Shorts here are 100 Reels/Shorts that you can use for your pages (Google Drive plays them in 360p even though they’re of higher quality, just download them.)


New Book Update

Currently on page 150, will be finished in the next 10 days or so. The book will not only have 400-600 pages of pure value, but it will also have many bonuses such as

Play Store/Apple Store developer databases with millions of emails

Thousands of Canva templates/reels

Databases with list of millions of websites

You can choose one of my already written books (You Tube Automatic Cash Cow/Auto Pilot Freelancing) as a bonus when purchasing

Many other bonuses that are worth a lot of money.

How i Made 325$ in Just 12 hours of work$325 in commissions for 12 hours of work, and it will probably earn me even more as you can see on the graph sales came on every few months on Fiverr and I had 2 sales for hosting on ShareaSale, now if I were to do this 12 hours a day for the entire month that would make me 9,000$+ in commissions in months to come, then think about it if you did it for 6 months? Sky would be your limit, you’d have pretty solid passive income for years if nothing happens to Reddit/Quora and chances are small that something would happen to such big platforms.
I used a few methods to achieve this and I will show you one of the methods i’ve used.
This method won’t be spon feed as i am working for 14 hours a day and don’t unfortunately have time to explain it in detail, i am currently working on the E-Book 24/7, this is just one of hundreds of methods that will be in that e-book and it will be way more explained in the e-book. Anyway head to google ads keyword explorer, search for some affiliate program, for example if we want to promote hosting providers, we will search for keywords like “best wordpress hosting reddit, best website hosting reddit, best hosting reddit” google ads will give us best keywords to look for that people are searching, then we will go on google search for those and look for 3-4 reddit threads that show up first, we will reply to top comments as that will show our advert on top  without us having to do anything, this works great if the main posts don’t already have comments, if they do, then just create new one and pump SMM upvotes to rank it first, this way whenever someone else starts looking for those your comment will show up first, this can be done for many social media platforms like twitter and quora as well but works best on reddit and can generate you a steady passive income through years. This email will be short and i won’t be giving a lot of updates but here are some new gifts!

Gift 1 – 15,000 ChatGPT Prompts

Gift 2 – 2360+ Reels/Shorts:

Gift 3:

Gift 4

Template for Instagram Reels that i gave out in previous mail but didn’t have time to put it in Mail Archive: