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Worst Freelance Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Are you constantly being turned down by customers? Or do your clients keep asking for discounts? Or for more revisions? Then see if you’re making these freelancing mistakes. But don’t worry. We all make mistakes when we start out. It’s how we learn to get better. It was Albert Einstein who once said, “A person […]

How Much Should I Charge? 5 Ways To Calculate Your Freelance Rates

Figuring out the right price to charge your clients is one of the first challenges you will face as a new freelancer. How you calculate your freelance rates is important because your price has to be just right to win your clients. If you charge too much, the client may never respond to your offer. […]

Should You Do Part Time Or Full Time Freelancing? Here’s How To Figure Out

Looking to make some extra cash? Who is going to say no to that, right? Freelancing is actually one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Just take a look at all the new freelance sites popping up all over the place. People are quitting their day jobs to work from home and triple the amount of […]

How To Work Remotely From Home: 10+ Tips & Tools

Working on your laptop while lying on your bed sounds like a dream job. Doesn’t it? Well, sure, it sounds like it, but in reality, working remotely from home is nothing like that. It’s actually challenging. Especially for people who suddenly find themselves working from home due to a global epidemic such as the outbreak […]

Which Freelancing Site Is Best For Beginners? + Tips

Starting freelance is like starting a business. The first thing you need to do is develop your skills and build your portfolio. Then you have to find out what type of services you’ll be offering. But finding the “right” market to sell your services is the key to getting more work and attracting clients. Finding […]

How To Create The Perfect Freelancer Profile On UpWork

It’s been a few weeks or even months since you signed up as a freelancer on UpWork, but you still haven’t had any luck finding work. Does this sound familiar? One of the main reasons why most freelancers struggle to get work on platforms like UpWork is because they have incomplete or poorly written freelancer […]

15+ Lesser-Known Freelancing Sites with Low Competition

Most experienced freelancers will probably tell you not to rely on freelance marketplaces to find work. It’s good advice because these sites, like UpWork, force you to compete with other freelancers and lower your chances of landing high-paying jobs. But in reality, we all have to start somewhere, and odds are that even the most […]

The Complete Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer

If you’re new to freelance writing or planning to get started as a freelance writer, follow this guide, and you’ll be able to avoid many of the mistakes I’ve made over the years. As a freelance writer, I took seven years of mistakes, failures, and many depressing moments to go from $0 to $5,000 a […]