24 New Freelancing Sites With Low Competition

Don’t you hate it when the freelancing platform you’ve been using for years suddenly raises its platform fee to absurd levels?

This not only forces freelancers to raise our prices, but it also causes us to lose repeat clients who are frequently dissatisfied with sudden price increases.

UpWork now forces all of its users to go through the same experience by implementing a new platform fee scheme aimed at charging heavily from freelancers.

As soon as the news broke, most UpWork freelancers began looking for alternative platforms in order to avoid losing money or having to raise their prices.

If you’re a freelancer looking for a new platform to offer your services, or if you’re just getting started as a beginner, this list is for you.

As you are aware, joining a new freelancing platform can provide you with numerous benefits. So, take a look through the list below to see if you can find a suitable site to offer your services.

The following are some of the best new freelance sites that are slowly rising to become industry leaders. As an added bonus, I checked each of the sites listed here to determine their platform fees so you wouldn’t have to. You’re very welcome!


DailyRemote is a job board that curates work-from-home jobs for freelancers. The website contains a regularly updated collection of remote jobs from various websites and platforms, which you can apply for free.

DailyRemote is best for finding jobs in software development, design, virtual assistance, data entry, content writing, and marketing.

Remote Tech Jobs

Remote Tech Jobs is a brand new job board for freelancers in the tech industry. It curates the top jobs from popular job boards so you can easily find the right job that matches your skills.

This website is ideal for web developers, app developers, and programmers. It’s also free to search for and apply for jobs.

1840 & Company

1840 & Company is a new marketplace that launched in June of 2021. It’s one of the list’s few unique low-competition freelancer sites. Because this marketplace thoroughly vets its freelancers, you will need to demonstrate your skills when you join. However, once accepted, their managed approach will make getting hired simply.

The site is best for finding jobs in a variety of industries, such as web development, digital marketing, sales, accounting/finance, and back-office positions.


CloudPeeps is a freelance site that covers a wide range of skills, including marketing, social media managers, SEO professionals, developers, designers, and more.

It has served over 20,000 customers in various countries. You will have a better chance of landing jobs on this site because it has a relatively small customer base and professionals. Give it a shot.


FreeeUp is a new freelance platform that only accepts freelancers after they have been vetted. This ensures that the platform is free of inexperienced and low-cost freelancers. This means that you will not have to compete in bidding wars to get jobs on this site. Instead, you will be rewarded for your skills and experience.

It will be difficult to gain access to the platform. However, if you have a strong portfolio and industry experience, you should give FreeeUp a shot.


Speedlancer is worth mentioning because it is rapidly gaining popularity.

This website also emphasizes high-quality, or premium, freelancers. There are many experienced freelancers there. This site’s main selling point appears to be completing the job in less than four hours.

The only disadvantage is a 20% platform fee. Which is essentially the same as UpWork.


Contena is a freelance job board dedicated to copywriters. It includes writing jobs that are updated on a regular basis. Covering a wide range of copywriting jobs, including blog article writing, book writing, resume writing, and much more.

You can easily apply for these writing jobs after completing a simple registration process, without having to engage in any bidding wars.


ServiceScape is a new but rapidly growing freelance site that specializes in writing, translation, editing, and graphic design. It now has over 80K registered clients, including reputable businesses.

This website is ideal for experienced freelance writers and designers. To register with the site, you must fill out a lengthy signup form. The only disadvantage is that it only accepts PayPal and checks for payment.


Workana is a freelance platform based in Latin America.

If you’re a Hispanic freelancer, this is the place to be. I couldn’t figure out the platform’s pricing system.


Outsourcely is yet another new freelancing site that provides amazing features and options to freelancers. Outsourcely is completely free to use and allows you to keep 100% of your earnings. There are no platform fees. Employers are only charged for using the platform.


Remote.com is a well-established platform with over 2 million freelancers registered. To match freelancers with the right jobs and clients, the platform employs a fascinating AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

You can join Remote.com and apply for jobs for free.


goLance is one of the new freelancing platforms that is quietly gaining popularity. Michael Brooks, the site’s founder, and CEO has an inspiring vision for the future.

If you’re looking for jobs in marketing, programming, or web development, this new platform will provide you with a plethora of options.

goLance also charges a very low platform fee of 10%.


How about working for a startup like Uber or Yelp? Then look no further than this website.

AngelList features a massive selection of jobs posted by popular and emerging startup companies worldwide, including remote work.

Hundreds of job listings posted by startups looking to hire freelancers can be found in the Remote Jobs category. The best part is that you’ll see what they’re offering to pay for the job right away.


Hired is used by companies such as Zappos, AlJazeera, and Forbes to find freelancers.

If you’re a skilled freelancer, this platform will be very beneficial to you. Furthermore, you do not apply for random jobs on this platform. Companies will instead come to you.

The platform charges employers a 15% fee, and if you bill 500 hours to a client, you’ll receive a $1,000 signing bonus from the website. Isn’t that cool?


RemoteOK is a massive freelance job board.

There is no need to register. Simply find a job that interests you, click the apply button, read the job description, and apply via the contact email. It’s as simple as that.

Working Not Working

Despite its unusual name, this website appears to provide a high-quality service to freelancers.

The site is open to everyone, from copywriters to art directors and animators. All must, however, pass a review before being accepted into the platform.

Working Not Working is a free service for creatives. It will not charge freelancers any fees.


Authentic is a freelance job board for designers, web developers, marketers, and copywriters.

Jobs are available from a variety of reputable clients, including startups and universities. To apply for most jobs on Authentic, you must first create an account. However, some of them will simply redirect you to the companies’ job pages.

GitHub Jobs

GitHub is well-known among software and web developers.

The same team behind GitHub created this official job board, which features jobs specifically for software and web developers.

You can get more information by clicking on a link or by emailing the company. There is no platform fee for doing so.


Parttimerz is a freelancer community. The majority of the jobs are from Europe and the Middle East.

Users can create a profile, browse jobs, and apply after registering with the site. This website offers everything from consulting to web design and even nanny jobs.

Both freelancers and employers can use the platform for free. The site, on the other hand, charges a “symbolic transactional fee” for each completed job.


This is a website for gig-style freelancers in the United Kingdom.

FiveSquid is similar to Fiverr, but for people in the United Kingdom. This website offers gigs for £5 (sterling pounds) rather than $5 (USD). The site is already brimming with gigs from various types of freelancers.

Even if you do not live in the United Kingdom, you can still join the site and offer your services. I came across a number of services offered by freelancers in Hong Kong, India, and even the United States.

The platform fee is determined by the cost of your gig. The platform will keep £1 for every £5 gig you complete. The platform will keep £2 for every £10 gig you complete.


On Jobspresso, you can search for jobs in two ways: 1. You can send your resume to potential employers. 2. You can search for and apply for jobs posted by companies.

Once again, there’s no platform fee for this site either.

Landing Jobs

Landing Jobs is a website dedicated to assisting you in obtaining employment in software development, UXD, design, and video production.

You can register and apply for jobs for free. Your clients will be charged for the platform fee.


Proz is a platform for freelance translators that has been in operation since 1999.

This site has a lot of great jobs for people who are good at translating languages. To find a job, simply click on the jobs tab and then submit your quote. You’ll also need to create an account on the site.

Non-paying users will be charged $1 for each quote they submit when applying for a job.


Remotive is a freelance jobs board that features jobs from highly reputable companies like Automattic, Wikimedia, and Ghost. This site has many job opportunities for web designers, developers, and software engineers.

There is no platform fee. The links on the site will redirect you to the jobs page of each company.